Training & Certification Program 
Scott Company offers a free online training and certification program.

Certification can be obtained by receiving a passing score (90%) on our online exam. 

Upon request, a printable certification (in MS Word format) can be provided via e-mail at no additional charge. Please indicate whether or not a certificate is needed.  

To sign up for the online test, please copy the following template and paste it into the Contact Us form on our Contact Us page.  

Please note: You have seven (7) days to complete the exam. If the exam is not successfully completed in seven days, you will need to re-submit a new request to complete the certification.  

This certification is restricted to law enforcement only - all requests are subject to verification.


Phone Number: 
Badge # / ID #:
E-mail Certificate: YES  /  NO

​Notice regarding your information: All submitted information will NOT be sold , transferred or otherwise divulged to any third party or utilized for any sales, marketing, data mining or similar purposes. All submitted information is purged from our system after the test is completed and certification has been provided. In the event you do NOT wish to provide the information online, please contact us via phone to verify your law enforcement officer status.